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Experienced And Knowledgeable Dental Malpractice Attorneys

As a potential client, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of attorneys "out there" who indicate they are able to help you. With the dental malpractice lawyers of LUTFY & SANTORA, you can be assured that we probably have litigated other cases similar to your claim. We welcome your inquiry about your claim. We are confident that you will agree that we have the knowledge, skill, and training to prosecute your potential dental malpractice claim. Call us. The consultation is free.

When you contact the dental malpractice attorneys of LUTFY & SANTORA you will be put in touch with either JAMES L. LUTFY or JOSEPH SANTORA both of whom have been practicing law for over 30 years. They will handle your case. There is no risk of you being referred to a less experienced attorney, which happens in some other firms.

Even if you believe that your damages are small, call us. We may be able to see that your small lawsuit is really a lawsuit with has substantial damages. Furthermore, we often represent injured patients with small claims to achieve justice for our clients.

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